Yasuni Wildlife

We will explore to special places called “Forest Clay Lick” where amazonian wildlife such as macaws and tapirs come to drink water . You will learn about the natural history and ecology of amazonian wildlife.


Imagine yourself travelling deeper into the unknown, leaving behind civilization and its commodities and immersing into the most biodiverse place on the Planet! The place where Life has diversified into millions of ways.

In the forest of the Yasuni, had been documented 147 amphibians, 121 reptiles, 600 bird, 200 mammals and millions of bugs!
We will learn about the process of the Amazon Rainforest, for example: the play of dispersing seeds for many trees, lianas, epiphytes and other plants play by many animals from the forest.

Amazon Rainforest Dinner

We will have dinners at facilities with very little impact in the environment, lighted with candles to keep an armony with the forest creatures.

We will have Hammocks to relax after forest activities in the most biodiverse place on Earth.
We will explore the remote Shiripuno River, there is a great opportunity to find monkeys, toucans, macaws and other riverside wildlife.

The Waorani Guides introduced us to the ancestral knowledge of the forest people, explaining the use of plants for daily use items such as hammocks, string bags, fishing lines. The forest provided everything people needed.

5 Days – 4 Nights $770 (FRIDAY – TUESDAY)

INCLUDES: Flights Quito-Coca-Quito and a Hotel in Coca on the last day

We’ll discover as many amazonian wildlife as possible and perhaps some of them you never seen before, we’ll navigate the Shiripuno River along with toucans, macaws, hike in pristine forest with experienced nature guides, learn from the Waorani people about their home.

5 Days Itinerary:

DAY 01:

Quito-Coca by airplane, from Coca We’ll travel 90 km south into the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve and Waorani Ethnic Reserve, by small bus “Chiva” to the Shiripuno Bridge (approx. 2:30 hrs). Box Lunch would be served on the site.

Afterwards we’ll navigate 65 km downstream with a motorized canoe to reach the Shiripuno Lodge, the canoe journey will take approximately 4 hours depending on water levels. It will turn into your first experience with the wide diversity of wildlife of the Amazonian Rainforest. Dinner and lodging at the Shiripuno Lodge.

DAY 02:

Breakfast. We’ll navigate to start our morning hike (3-4 hrs.) into pristine Rainforest along the Mirador Trail; the aim of this trail is to share with you scenic view of the Amazon Basin and show you millions of reason to preserve the Rainforest for future generations.
The Waorani and the Naturalist guides will provide you information and explanations about the biodiversity of the Rainforest; and the medicinal plants use by indigenous people. This hike requires good physical condition. Lunch.

DAY 03:

Before breakfast. We’ll descend the Shiripuno River and listen the Rainforest waking up!!! Birds and mammals getting up!! Breakfast. Then we’ll go to a back-door trail to explore different type of forest and increase our chance to find more animals. Lunch.

Forest ExplorersIn the afternoon we will take the motor canoe and make an excursion into one of the small oxbow lake where it is possible to see different kinds of plants and animals such as; the bizarre bird Hoatzins. We will explore the Rainforest at night searching for nocturnal fauna. Dinner and lodging at the Shiripuno Lodge.

DAY 04:

Breakfast. We are going to spend an entire day in the Rainforest. We’ll hike on the el Saladero Trail; at the end of this trail there is a Forest Clay Lick, it is a location where mammals and birds with vegetable diet-base come to lick minerals all year round. We’ll have lunch in the middle of Rainforest.

DAY 05:

After breakfast, navigate upstream to the Waorani Community; early canoe rides are great to surprises animals crossing the river such as Capybaras, Tapir or resting Caimans; birds such as Macaws and Toucans also can be seen from the canoe. At the Waorani Community you will see the effects of cultural expose by which are living all the different indigenous groups in the Amazon.

The Waorani still keep most of their traditions such as: hunting with blowguns and poisoned darts, their unique language Wao Terero, the knowledge of the Rainforest and oral traditions. Responsible tourism brings revenues to all the families at different levels by selling handcrafts, canoe drivers, native guides, housekeeping, kitchen assistants and others activities. Lunch.

We’ll continue the navigation upstream to the bridge where we are going to take the bus back to Coca (arrival at 16:30 approx.).


What is included in the cost:

  • Transportation Quito-Coca-Quito
  • Transportation Coca-Quito-Coca
  • Lodging in double rooms with bathroom
  • Set Meals
  • Naturalist Guides
  • Native Guide
  • Excursions in the forest
  • Rubber boots up to size 43
  • Hotel in Coca

What is not included:

  • Entrance fee $ 20
  • Raincoat
  • Soft & Alcoholic drinks
  • Tips

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