Ecuador Hummingbird Feeder Experience

Ecuador Hummingbird Experience

Watch Ecuador Hummingbird Feeder Experience from Quito. The Ecuador Hummingbird Feeder Experience gets you close to the special family of birds in South America. We start heading Northwest to the Choco in Ecuador, then we drive to Eastern Cloudforest spotting for explorations in the High in the Andes for specific species of hummingbirds living here. […]

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Butterflies of the Amazon Rainforest

Nature Tours in Ecuador

The Butterflies of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. The Butterflies of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador are definitely one of the easy animals we find during our experience in the Amazon Rainforest. The Butterflies in the Amazon Rainforest are active all year round, all different species living in different niches and habitats throughout the forest. […]

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