Day Nature Trip Quito-Coca

Day Nature Trip Quito-Coca: From High in the Andes to the Mighty Amazon Rainforest.


We will cover 300 kms in 7 hours, driving from the top of Andean snow-covered volcanoes to the very bottom of the eastern Andean slope, ending our journey in the bustling frontier town of Coca. Along the way we will take in the great physical features of the land, its broad valleys, steep canyons, billowing clouds and mist, and rushing rivers. We will pass through many elevations, and amazing communities of plants and animals: paramo, polylepis woodland, cloud forest, subtropical and tropical forest. The abundance and diversity of life here is mind boggling. from hummingbirds at snowline, to booming orchids in the cloud forest, rich assemblages of birds in the foothills, to, finally, an ocean of trees in the amazon lowlands.


Antisana is an active volcano, easily seen from the road on sunny mornings. ~ Antisana Reserve

Sumaco Volcanoes is an active volcano located in the Eastern Ecuadorian Cloud Forest and Foothills, before entering into the lowlands of the Amazon Basin.

Our day trip to Coca in the Amazon Lowlands starts with an early meeting at your hotel in Quito, Our first stop is the highest point in our journey, a mountain pass at 4500 metres (14763 ft). Here we will learn about the youngest mountain range in the world.

After breakfast with hummingbirds, we continue our descent to spend time at the San Rafael Waterfall, the tallest waterfall in Ecuador, with a height of 131 metres (430 ft). After seen how nature works here, we continue to our final destination Coca (Francisco de Orellana) at 250 meters (820 ft).


Time Destination Interest Observations
5:30 Your Hotel in Quito Landscape, Wildlife Photography, Ecology  
6:30 Papallacta Pass Landscape, Wildlife Photography, Ecology  
8:30 Guango (Breakfast) Landscape, Wildlife Photography, Ecology  
10:30 San Rafael Waterfalls) Landscape, Wildlife Photography, Ecology  
13:30 Baeza, Sumaco, San Isidro (Lunch) Landscape, Wildlife Photography, Ecology  
17:30 Coca: Hotel El Auca Landscape, Wildlife Photography, Ecology  
  • Note: Itinerary might change due weather conditions, nature of the trip, personal interest and others.

What to bring for the day trip at hand?

  • Hiking boots
  • All weather clothing
  • Day Pack
  • Water Bottle
  • Sun protection
  • Camera and spare battery and card memory

Cost $ $ 150 por persona


  • Private Transportation
  • Bilingual Guides
  • Not included
  • Hotel El Auca
  • Entrance fees
  • Meals & drinks during trip

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