Ecuador Hummingbird Experience

Ecuador Hummingbird Feeder Experience

Watch Ecuador Hummingbird Feeder Experience from Quito.

The Ecuador Hummingbird Feeder Experience gets you close to the special family of birds in South America.

Ecuador Hummingbird Feeder Experience

Shinning Sunbeam

We start heading Northwest to the Choco in Ecuador, then we drive to Eastern Cloudforest spotting for explorations in the High in the Andes for specific species of hummingbirds living here.

The Hummingbird Trail in Ecuador

  • Yanacocha Andean Reserve

  • Tandayapa Valley

  • Mindo Area

  • Antisana Wildlife Reserve

  • Papallacta

  • Baeza

  • Cosanga

Ecuador Hummingbird Feeder Experience

Giant Hummingbird lives in the dry edge of the Andes.

Ecuador homes over 132 species of Hummingbirds all of them with unique colors, shapes, and behavior.

Ecuador Hummingbirds are grouped into 57 genera, living in the different bioregions of the country, these 132 species represent almost half of all hummingbirds found worldwide.

Watch Video Humminbird feeing in Hand

We start by visiting Yanacocha Reserve close to Quito. Andean Forest with a set of hummingbird feeders to find species such as Sword-billed Humminbird.

We continue to Tandayapa Valley Birdwatching searching for hummingbirds Experience in the Wild.

Mindo Area is a magnet for Hummingbird and other birds enthusiasts.

After Mindo, we return to Quito and search for the Giant Hummingbird and Condors in the Antisana Wildlife Reserve.

We spend time watching hummingbirds at a different location such as Papallcata, Guango Lodge, Baeza, and Cosanga.

Each location has a new set hummingbird, unique for our experience with the birds that challenge the laws of aerodynamics.

We hope to see you in the next Ecuador Hummingbird Feeder Experience.

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