EcuadorQuest Education Programs for

Learning Experience, focused on Ecuador Nature and Wildlife.

Each Ecuador Educational Tour is tailored to your educational curriculum. We customize your travel based on student programs, activities, transportation needs and accommodations. Each Ecuador Educational Tour guide is experienced in helping you craft the perfect experience for your students and provides a formal proposal outlining every detail and cost.

During travel, our guides handle all details and you focus on the educational experience for your kids geared toward supporting your specific grade’s curriculum.

We help teachers and students experience cultures, navigate new languages, and explore historic sights, all while developing the global perspective needed for success in today’s interconnected world.

Educational tours are one-of-a-kind opportunities for students to develop and expand their world views while discovering fascinating, exciting places alongside their teachers and peers.

Our mission is dedicated to creating affordable, enjoyable, safe and customized experiential learning programs for school communities that educate and inspire through long-lasting relationships and impeccable customer service.

Working with a tour company should be simple and rewarding. We’ll work to make teachers’ specific ideas, travel projects, focus topics and other priorities a reality.


Ecuador is one of the best destination for students for Learning Experience.

Ecuador Cultural Exchange

Field Biology & Tropical Ecology


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