Fieldbook of the Birds of Ecuador


Fieldbook of the Birds of Ecuador

The Second edition of Fieldbook of the Birds of Ecuador by Miles Macmullan & Lelis Navarrete is recently printed!!
Check some of the Second Edition novelties are:
An appendix with the most striking mammals and sought after by visitors.
It includes 20 new bird species that have been registered in Ecuadorian territory to date (March / 2017).
The maps of the species present the different subspecies that exist in Ecuador.
400 new illustrations, many of which have not been published previously.
The taxonomy – although not the linear sequence – reflects the classification used by the IUO (IOC) in the list of birds of the world published in January 2017, version 7.1

1680 species illustrated
+3000 illustrations
Cost : $ 35
Free Shipping in Quito!!


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Fieldbook of the Birds of Ecuador

By Lelis Navarrete & Miles Macmullan: Useful tool for all beginners, visitors, birders, or people in general willing to learn and admire the amazing birds of Ecuador.

The guide contains really cool maps, short text on each specie and illustrations that makes a very easy way to identify birds.


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