Napo Birding Trip

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14 Days Amazon Birding, Quick Seach for Neotropical Classics: Condor, Sword-billed, Cock-of-the-Rock, Harpy, and many more!

Napo Birding Trip: Ecuador Hummingbird Experience

Day 1: Drive from Quito to Antisana Volcano, lodging in Guango.
Day 2: Birding all-day Papallacta, lodging in Guango.
Day 3: Birding half-day Guango, lodging in Borja.
Day 4: Birding all-day Borja, lodging in Borja.
Day 5: Birding all-day Cosanga, lodging in Borja.
Day 6: Birding half-day Baeza, lodging in Sumaco.
Day 7: Birding all-day Sumaco, lodging in Sumaco.
Day 8: Birding half-day Sumaco, lodging in Tena.
Day 9: Birding all-day Tena, lodging in Tena.
Day 10: Birding all-day Tena, lodging in Tena.
Day 11: Drive to Waorani Reserve, birding along the way. lodging in Waorani Reserve.
Day 12: Birding all-day Waorani Reserve, lodging in Waorani Reserve.
Day 13: Birding all-day Waorani Reserve, lodging in Waorani Reserve.
Day 14: Half-day birding at Waorani Reserve, return to Quito.


Napo Birding Trip 14 Days Exploring Avian Diversity Gradient

Quick Searching for the Big Ones! Andean Condor, Sword-billed, Cock-of-the-Rock, Harpy Eagle!

Avian Diversity Gradient Birding, As soon as we meet in Quito, we start our trip to get the most Iconic species from the Amazon Rainforest.

  • Antisana Wildlife Reserve
  • Baeza & Quijos Valley
  • Tena
  • Misahualli

Pricing 6300 -All Included


  • Roundtrip Transportation from Quito,
  • Bilingual Birding Guide,
  • park entrance fees,
  • all meals,
  • sleeping quarters.
  • Tax included.
  • Tips are optional.

Supp**  $ 300

14 Days

All rooms are assumed to be double or triple occupancy.

Our tour will visit a Private Reserve and Indigenous Reserve.

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Trip Considerations

PACE: Moderate. Fairly early starts are necessary since birding is almost always best early in the morning, and breakfast will typically start between 5:00 and 5:30am. On most (but not all) days there will be some downtime after lunch to relax. You will usually get to the lodge before dark, but on at least one or two evenings there will be some nightbirding, meaning you will arrive back at the lodge after dark. At least four lunches will be packed lunches. The drives are not especially long on this tour, with the longest being about three hours on day 5. There are also boat rides on the Napo River of about 2 to 3 hours on day 8 and day 14, and shorter canoe and boat rides while in the Amazon Lodges. As afternoon birding is usually less productive than morning birding, some participants choose to skip some of the afternoon birding sessions and relax around the lodge instead.

PHYSICAL DIFFICULTY: Moderate. There will be a mixture of trail birding and road birding. Most of the trails and roads are flat or only slightly inclined, but we will bird some steeper and moderately difficult trails on at least three days of the tour (a walking stick helps a lot). Quite a bit of walking is required, and you can expect to walk around 3 miles (4.8 km) per day on average. Much of the first two days of the tour will be spent at high elevations ranging from 11,500-13,800 ft (3500-4200 m), though the night will be spent much lower at 8,500 ft (2600 m).


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