The Pacific Coast in Ecuador

The Pacific Coast in Ecuador

The Pacific Coast in Ecuador is a beautiful place to go.

You can reach it from different locations, and plan ahead of time.

We suggest taking a long trip following the coastline from southern Colombia to northern Peru, with existing connections to make it possible.

Let’s imagine you end up in the middle of a mangrove and you are listening to the sea rushing. you are in the northern pacific in Ecuador, you are in the province of Esmeraldas.

You will find yourselves in the middle of back people, an African experience in South America, black people here are free from day one, from the moment they land is here.

you will feast like another place on earth, the local cuisine and the music will give a twist in the experience of the Pacific Coast in Ecuador.

You hitchhike to southern lands to watch other places in the ocean

The Pacific Ocean in Ecuador is warm and to swim and snorkel all year around.

Top Ten places to visit in The Pacific Coast of Ecuador

  • Santa Elena and Salinas

  • Guayaquil

  • Playas and Puerto el Morro

  • Montaňita

  • Machalilla national park and Isla de la Plata

  • Montecristi

  • Bahía de Caráquez

  • Canoa

  • Zaruma

  • Puyango Petrified Forest